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CEO and Co-Founder: Stephanie LIAO (since 2015)

COO: Theresa LEE (since 2018)

CFO: Sophia CHANG (since 2018)

CTO: Dolan CHANG (since 2019)

Founders: Julian and Ethan LIAO (ex-CEO and ex-COO; Software Engineers)

President: Stephanie LIAO (President of Exon Schooler Club in 2017-2018. Portola High School, California, USA)

Any questions, suggestions, or comments please send e-mail to:

If you want to:

  1. Provide educational media (video clips)
  2. Suggest themes or content ideas
  3. Start an Exon Club in your school
  4. Donate used books for schools in Taiwan
  5. Join our team to teach in Exon Camp

Please contact Stephanie Liao:

Message from ExonSchooler Contents Validation Committee (CVC)

ES has appointed consultants as CVC to monitor or remove contents with the following likelihood:
• Online bully
• Inappropriate language or posture
• Controversial social or political statement
• Excessive personal information and status
• Messages not appropriate for underages
• Unlawful actions or implications