Welcome to Exon Schooler!

Exon Schooler is a non-profit organization whose goal is to publish videos and to teach young individuals the genuine English language and culture. Our targets are kids residing in Asia in need for for free, accessible education. We will provide clips placed in different specific categories, which are available for anyone to watch and learn on their own time!

Welcome to the new world of education!

Why Exon?

Exon is a scientific term for the important part of a DNA. Here, we emphasize education as an important virtue. Our goal is to make a meaningful website dedicated to anyone interested in learning English or other languages.

In 2013, I thought of giving a name to my organization and found “Exon” in my Biology textbook.
An Exon codes a portion of complete protein. A few relevant exons stick together to express a functional gene, then all genes work together to maintain a life form. This inspired me to build my organization as:

- A hub to link all relevant educational resources
- A network for children in the world who want to teach and learn from each other
- A hint that we are all God’s children; together we can make the world a better place

Julian Liao a.k.a. “JuJu”
Founder and CEO
Exon Schooler Organization

A Letter to you:

Dear friends,

I’d like to thank you for joining me on Exon Schooler. This is a non-profit organization that I started up in early 2013 to provide language learning resources for children in need.

I joined a mission trip in 2011 to teach English in Taiwan during the summer. I found out that I can only reach out to a few hundreds kids in this three weeks event. I thought it was too short for them to learn or master the English language. I also realized there are many places in the world where kids lack the resources for education.

But thanks to the increasing popularity of the internet and the recent efforts of internet giants bringing Internet to almost every person on Earth, I am able to plan and start my organization to provide authentic English video content to whom wants to learn more. I also want to invite friends and family who have the same vision to join us. Lastly, to the kids out there, I’d like to invite you to teach us your languages and culture in return for teaching you English.

Let’s all learn together for fun, for understanding, and for a better, peaceful global village. God bless you all!

Julian Liao