Sponsors and Fundraising

Many Thanks to Our Sponsors!

2020 Sponsors:

  • Dr. Cho (Pediatrician)
  • Grandpa Liao Foundation

2019 Sponsors:

  • Dr. Cho (Pediatrician)
  • Dr. Lin (Family doctor)
  • LuMei PTA
  • RenWu Church Education Fund
  • Grandpa Liao Foundation

2018 Sponsors:

  • Dr. Cho (Pediatrician)
  • Ms. Chiu (Business Executive)
  • Grandpa Liao Foundation

2017 Sponsors:

  • E. Tang (Business Professional)
  • V. Wang (Music Teacher)
  • S. Lin (Stationery and Gifts, Kestan)
  • Dr. Lin (Family doctor)
  • Orange County Christian Evangelical Church (

2016 Sponsors:

  • Dr. Lee (Pediatrician)
  • Mr. Hsieh (Opera Bakery)
  • S. Lin (Stationery and Gifts, Kestan)
  • Dr. Lin (Family doctor)
  • Anonymous (Realtor)
  • Grandpa Liao Foundation

2015 Sponsors:

  • S. Lin (Stationery and Gifts, Kestan)
  • Grandpa Liao Foundation

Thanks to local church sponsors: Fanlu Church, Lumen Church, Renwu Church, Lukang Church in Taiwan


Dear Friends and Families,

Thank you for your support during all these years. We guarantee every dollar and cent of your donation will go directly to the costs of the camp operation, educational tools, and teachers’ and volunteers’ living expenses. Our operational cost average is 8000 to 10,000 USD for one week. We need your prayers and financial support. Our camp has expanded to schools in other new areas. Every dollar counts. Please feel free to contact me for the current details of events. You can send me a message at for information on volunteering or donations.

Juju Liao

March 2018