We are experimenting to create dialogue clips to be supplements of English textbooks used in Asia.

  • Greeting
  • Who Are You?
  • Where Are You From?
  • Can You Tell Me…?
  • Did You Watch The News Yesterday?
  • Call Me Back, Please
  • The Guinea Pigs Are Eating
  • Where Are Grandpa’s Teeth?
  • There Are Many Snails On The Ground
  • Show and Tell
  • Welcome to My Team
  • Please Come to My Party
  • Let’s Bake a Cake
  • How Was The Quiz?
  • When Will I See You Again?
  • What Is Your Favorite Season?
  • How do you go to School?
  • Where Is My Coffee Cake?
  • What Did You Do During Summer Break?
  • What Are You Doing?
  • What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?
  • Where Do You Live?
  • What’s Your Hobby?
  • What’s Your Favorite…?
  • The Best…?