Exon Camp Leaders and Credits

2020 Virtual English Camp Directors:

  • Sophia Chang (Exon Camp Sr. Counselor)
  • Stephanie Liao (Exon Camp Organizer)
  • Theresa Lee (Exon Camp Counselor)
  • Dolan Chang (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Sharon Wang (Quest Speaker)

2019 English Camp Directors:

  • Sophia Chang (Exon Camp Counselor)
  • Stephanie Liao (Exon Camp Counselor)
  • Theresa Lee (Exon Camp Director)
  • Dolan Chang (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Maggie Chang (Exon Camp Leader)

2018 English Camp Directors:

  • Sophia Chang (Exon Camp Director)
  • Theresa Lee (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Jasper Lin (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Joaquin Azian (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Tim Amodt (Exon Camp Leader)
  • Stephanie Liao (Guest Speaker)
  • Kevin Yao (OCCEC Camp Director)
  • Calvin Lee (OCCEC Camp Director)
  • Ethan Liao (OCCEC Senior Counselor)

2017 English Camp Directors:

  • Ivy Lin (Music Director)
  • Sophia Chang (Guest Speaker)
  • Kevin Yao (Camp Leader)
  • Calvin Lee (Camp Leader)
  • Robert Xu (Camp Leader)
  • Gabe Huang (Camp Leader)
  • Caleb Huang (Camp Leader)
  • Ethan Liao (Senior Counselor)
  • Julian Liao (Senior Counselor)
  • Sunroot Liu (Minister)

2016 English Camp Directors:

  • Ivy Lin (Camp Leader)
  • Justin Lin (Camp Leader)
  • Melody Yang (Camp Leader)
  • Maggie Yang (Camp Leader)
  • Ethan Liao (Camp Counselor)
  • Julian Liao (Camp Counselor)

2015 English Camp Directors:

  • Steven Horng (Camp Leader)
  • Emily Tang (Camp Leader)
  • Ethan Liao (Camp Leader)
  • Julian Liao (Camp Leader)

A Letter to future Camp Leaders:

Dear friends,

First of all, I’d like to thank you for joining me on Exon Schooler. This is a non-profit organization that I started up in early 2013 to provide language learning resources for children in need.

I joined a mission trip in 2011 to teach English in Taiwan during the summer. I found out that I could only reach out to a few hundreds kids in 4 school districts for 3 weeks. I thought time was too short for them to learn or master English. I also realized there were many places in the world where kids lack the resources for education. Thanks to the increasing popularity of the internet and the recent efforts of internet giants bringing Internet to almost every person on Earth, I can plan and start my organization to provide authentic English video content to the children who want to learn more. I also want to invite friends and family who have the same vision and are willing to make the collective effort of changing the world. Let’s all learn together for fun, for understanding, and for a better, peaceful global village. God bless you all!

From JuJu Liao

April 2019